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Date: 2017-09-01 18:43

I did find one person that suited me. Unfortunatly, it didn't work out. But I have learnt it's hard to find people that "get you". We're all unique, it's hard to find someone that aligns to what works for us (especially some random person on a dating site).

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As a guy who's more successful in online dating than most men I just wanted to share my experience. I know, I'm technically adding to the very problem I'm complaining about by dating and sleeping with women I'm not attracted to. But, can you blame me if that's usually all I can get online? Meet us halfway, you might find a guy who is amazing and will treat you with love and respect. There is a clear divide in what men and women can attain in terms of physical attractiveness online.

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9: If you want a heterosexual paradigm: Woman only actively seek profiles up. Men stop initiating any contact. This is of course an utopia. From my experience (probably longer than most of you), the silver platter women are handed is not going to change. Those in power will seldom let go of it. And yes, there are some degree of initiating contact from woman, but it is truly unbalanced. What happened to equality and girl power?

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Your relative is exactly the wrong example to use for why online dating is bad for women. A week? That's not nearly enough time.

A lot of times women date guys that might have an edge or they find exhilarating and sexy – there a million reasons - but it is not because he is an a**hole to us!! And it almost NEVER solely because he drives a Porsche!

So, while sending a nice, polite "no thank you" message is a lovely thing to do, I'm afraid to say a number of your more rage-filled brethren have ruined that for you and made women absolutely fearful to even attempt to turn a man's interest down, even if politely.

Interesting idea, but not my experience. I get my fair share of messages.. on average, 5 a day. I'm pretty good looking by most standards, though I'm fully aware I'm not the most attractive, and I often find messages from men who are far less physically attractive than the men I've dated IRL (some of whom I've met online!) Of all the men, most find my profile interesting and say so, even if there's a blatantly obvious comment (about interests, what we're seeking, or looks) that should make it obvious that we aren't compatible. It's like they ignore it and try, anyway.

I think the anger from both men and women in this thread boils down to that. 99% of people on dating sites are overly focused on looks and are extremely superficial. If you're not, then man or woman, I don't think your experience at dating sites is going to be very positive unless you are exceedingly lucky and find a guy who feels the same way you do.

And yes, it may require patience to have success for online dating. As I guy, I used OkCupid in an active/passive pattern and it took several years (forget how long exactly) before I actually had success. It can be demoralizing while you keep trying. A matter of luck, faith, and trials (the old saying "if at first you don't succeed, try try again")

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And this faulty cognition was of course reinforced by the messed up social inequality we lived with for so long, whereby women would suffer unattractive men because they had so few realistic economical options. Which left a lot of men thinking they honestly had an entitlement to or hope with women who are far more attractive than they are, when independently rated.

And it does not make one a “femi-Nazi shrew b*tch” to bring that up, either. It just needs to be said because it truly is not something within most mens’ realm of experience. Fear and risk are a real thing and do play into the whole online dating thing for us, as much as you might not want to believe it or ever even factor it in. It’s not just a paranoid notion, but a statistical reality.

It's a pretty big statement to say that men don't get dates because they look way too high out of their league. it doesn't scratch the surface of the problem at all and rather delegates it all to one side.

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