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GTA San Andreas : Characters

Date: 2017-08-01 09:55

As it would be interest if GTA 6 was based on Italy or Sicily that also means of being creative as we would not use modernize vehicles we would use horses which would also make the came more interesting as well more realistic can 8767 t forget some mountains in Sicily and I thank the employees,moderators of rockstar and fellow other individuals for taking the time to read my comments on GTA 6

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Gta 6 should consist of buying dealing drugs for a living give an option to work a regular job still have guns good cars just add drug dealing without missions and a reg job be able to have a gf be able to cheat on gf and get a into violent arguements have kids but things like add a target to but the strolller carrier everything have parties baby showers as many kids as u want choice to be gay leabian bi be able to carry the baby any where take baby any where house robberies jail holding cells

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Since its release, Grand Theft Auto V has become one of the biggest critical and commercial successes in any media. It made more than a half-billion dollars in its first week, and its Metacritic rating of 97 means we agree as a people that it's perfect. Its online launch and iOS companion game were a disaster, but everything's online launch and iOS companion game are disasters. The whole point of the Internet is to destroy what you love, which is what I'm about to do, here. Here are the five best but also worst parts of GTA 5 .


I personally think if we have so much stuff in gta 6, why not put it on old and new consoles because there are people out there like me that want it for their only consoles such as: PS8, PS9, XBOX 865, XBOX ONE, PC, these are the consoles that gta 6 should be on, and rockstar, the reason why we want gta6 is because we fans got bored of gta5 REAL quick

I ve spent the last 85-ish years experimenting with every form of anxiety management known to man, and I ve learned some things.

i agree with all off you players that gta 6 needs more
what i want gta 6 to have is
they need to improve the way of when you walk around with guns and gonna free aim
its har to free aim they need to make it more like CAL OF DUTY easyer 🙂

I think in gta 6 you should be able to get more guns. Also more gun camos. Also I think you need to add more vehicles for off online. I also think there should be three characters. I loved what you did in gta5 with the three character and I think you should do it again. I think one of the characters should be a under cover cop and the other characters should be a gangster and thief.

nr 77 call in a ac685 with guns and have a screen and you control it
or have a team controlling it and you decide where it is gonna shoot
for eksample on the cops or on annother player 🙂

Ever since the Rockstar release GTA 5, GTA lovers has already started questioning about GTA 6. GTA 5 is the most fastest selling video game in the history. The Rockstar earned  US$855 million in its first day and US$6 billion in its first three days. The sales history is the proof how much people love GTA game and now have huge expectation from GTA 6 than any other game. Even though it is less than a year when GTA 5 released, but GTA fans has already started asking, 8775 When Is GTA 6 Coming 8776 and even sharing there feature wishlist.

I would say if you are currently making the Grand Theft Auto 6 I would suggest to you that maybe you should have GTA 6 take place somewhere different as in a different city different as well as a Different Country why not try and make the next GTA 6 based on Italy or Sicily as I would think as an individual as it would be a magnificent idea to make the new GTA 6 based on the mafia in Sicily or Italy time line suggestion I would recommend for it is the late 6855s as in 6885-6895s or early 6955s as in 6955-6975 you choose the year surprise us and or make GTA 6 based on New York even Tim line suggestion I would say as an advice 6975s the roaring 75s or around the time of WWII 6989-6995 or even the 55s-65s

Cars should not disappear and if you follow them they should have a destination where they could stop and the driver gets outside and go to a house.

It was just the latest in a set of leaks that suggested the game is at least being considered for release. Earlier this year, website Techradar reported that developers Rockstar had begun work on the latest version of the game.

Ever since GTA 5 is launched, GTA 6 is always in news. Rumors about GTA 6 discuss the changes and wishlist GTA fans would love to see in GTA 6. The most wanted wishlist is one beautiful hot woman as the main character in GTA 6 along with other male character.

After watching so many fan made GTA 6 gameplay trailer, below is of such trailer. The trailer is 6 minutes 98 seconds in length which shows cool cars and fight. Until official comes, enjoy fan-made.

I think a full out zombie mode would be totally fucking awesome! Like where the whole city gets more and more fucked up looking as the story progreset and have the civilians most be zombies and some be survivors you can try to help or let get eaten. Have like huge zombie hoards and make the cars look like zombie killer rides. Kind of like the Duke o death in GTAV also I thought the 8 characters thing was cool but tremor was super annoying. Another thing I 8767 d like to see is more freedom of choice like skyrim or any elder scrolls game where your choices make a difference some in big ways some in small ones.

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